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Perkies Sticky Bra (comes with two adhesive sets)
Adhesives for the sticky bra
Perkies Sticky Bra (comes with two adhesive sets)
Two women wearing Perkies skicky bra in light nude
Woman in black sticky bra
Sticky bra in dark nude - Perkies
Sticky bra in dark nude by Perkies
Perkies sticky bra in nude
Perkies box
Perkies skicky bra (comes with two adhesive sets)
Perkies sticky bra in dark nude with box
Black sticky bra with Perkies box
sticky bra in black by Perkies
Woman wearing Perkies sticky bra
Strong support
Sticky bra in black with black underwear
Clasp on sticky bra by Perkies
Perkies sticky bra and underwear in black
Woman with pineapple wearing Perkies sticky bra
Woman with candy in sticky bra by Perkies
Perkies sticky bra in black
Perkies Sticky Bra (comes with two adhesive sets)

Perkies Sticky Bra (comes with two adhesive sets)

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Product Description

Our signature product, the Perkies sticky bra, is the only sticky bra offering replaceable adhesives.
The Perkies Sticky Bra comes with two layered adhesives inside each cup, with pull tabs for easy removal.
Comfortable, flattering, clean, and most importantly, reliable, Perkies is the future of sticky bras.
  • BACKLESS & STRAPLESS: Backless & strapless fabric bra connected at the front by a clasp.
  • STRONG ADHESION: Strongly sticks to the skin through the means of a silicone adhesive with a GENTLE removal.
  • LAYERED ADHESIVES: Comes with two sets of adhesives inside each bra cup (layered).
  • REUSABLE: Each adhesive layer can be worn several times. 
  • HIGH QUALITY: The highest quality, medical grade, silicone adhesive.
  • EASY TO USE: Includes pull tabs for an easy removal of each adhesive layer. 
  • PROTECTABLE: Comes with a plastic cover to re-cover the bra's adhesive between wears.
  • WASHABLE: Comes with a lingerie bag to hand-wash your bra in.
Our special proprietary adhesive is made right here in the USA and passes all levels of ISO 10993.
Bra Fabric: 88% polyamide 12% elastane
Prep: Clean your skin with a wipe or warm water and a hint of soap. Dry your skin. This will ensure the desired adhesion of the bra to your skin.
Step 1: Start by placing one cup to your breast. Position your nipple in the center part without the adhesive, and gently smooth the cup and edges to the breast. Repeat this with the second cup.
Step 2: Connect the front closure. For extra lift and cleavage, place the bra cups further apart and more vertical with the clip at the bottom.
Step 3: When done, gently and slowly remove the bra from the outer edge, tucking your hands under the bra AND adhesive so they don’t separate.
Check out our how-to page on how to remove each adhesive layer.
How to HAND Wash
Make sure adhesives are removed before washing. The sheer base layer is meant to stay in the bra, do not try to peel out. Place bra in lingerie bag & HAND wash the bra in the lingerie bag. Add cold water with soap, rinse with cold water. Let bra dry inside lingerie bag.
User warning and instructions:
If you have sensitive skin and/or broken skin, do NOT use this bra.
If any irritation occurs, remove bra immediately.
The adhesive effect will be reduced by sweat, moisturizers, perfumes and similar skin products.
Adhesive bra is not made for long time use. It should NOT be used for longer than 6 hours at a time. This bra is not supposed to replace your regular daily bra.
Due to the size/scale of the business, please excuse any minor imperfections of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Victoria Kotowski
The best!

There’s no sticky bra out there that is more comfortable and durable. I’ve worn mine now to three separate events and it’s still just as great as when I first opened the packaging.

Claire P.
A must have!

Bought my Perkies sticky bra for a wedding last weekend and it was PERFECT. The wedding was a three day event and the adjustable clip meant I could wear the bra several ways with different dresses. Needless to say, it also withstood a LOT of late-night dancing. A new closet staple for me. Thank you, Perkies!

Jane Gion

Super high quality, comfortable and it never falls off! It's my go to bra for weddings and any blouse that needs a strapless bra. I love it!

Tori H.
The best!

I’ve worn my Perkies sticky bra countless times and have been impressed every time- it’s the best strapless/sticky bra out there that can be worn freely with no worry of falling off every time. It’s a staple in my wardrobe!!

Kerianne Hunt
A wedding staple

I've worn my perkies sticky bra to 3 weddings in the past couple of months. It has provided incredible support & lift, staying on throughout late nights of sweat and dancing. Will be ordering more replacement adhesives as needed and look forward to wearing throughout weddings to come in the future!